YPS ID Badge Types & Requests

2 min. readlast update: 02.12.2024

The primary reason for issuing ID cards is to promote safety at each of the District’s schools and facilities. An ID card provides a consistent method of identification of those authorized to be on district and school property, which is particularly useful in the event of an emergency because if a person has his/her District ID, YPS Emergency Response Staff, District Administrators, Public Safety or law enforcement/emergency responders can tell at a glance who does and doesn’t belong in a building. To this end, YPS ID Cards have been updated based on a person's role and/or affiliation with Yukon Public Schools. If you are an employee with Yukon Public Schools in a full-time or part-time capacity, except for substitutes, you will be issued a normal YPS Employee Badge that has your picture on it. If you are a Volunteer, Contractor, Vendor, Substitute, Food Service Employee, Watch D.O.G., or PTO representative, you will be issued one of the color-coded identification badges shown below. Many of these badges will be provided to you at the school or site that you are assigned. YPS Principals, Directors, Secretaries, and Supervisors may request new or additional badges by completing the YPS ID Badge Request Form by clicking here (current employees needing a badge reprinted or issued, may also use this form)..

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