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2 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

The use of YPS Email in communicating with your colleagues, parents, and students is for school/work purposes only. To help facilitate personal announcements or items you wish to communicate to others outside of school related or sponsored events, including fundraisers, we have a YPS Employee Personal Announcements & Posting Forum that you may utilize and sign-up for notifications to be sent to you when new items are posted or you may post items to the forum yourself. Please note that you may only post messages to the YPS Employee Forum and set up email notifications for when items are posted. You cannot post to the YPS Employee Forum directly from an email.

If you have not already signed up to view and access the Employee Forum, please take a moment to do so. This online forum allows you view and post announcements, information, etc. in regards to personal items being sold, pets being adopted... anything non-school related but you want to share with anyone across the District who may be interested.

To get started you must join this group and can do so by clicking the link below and clicking on the "Join Group" button. You must be a Yukon PS employee with an active email address to join and view this group. In addition, you can access this group from our District website by going to www.yukonps.com > Resources > Teachers & Staff > Employee Forum.

YPS Employee Personal Announcements & Postings
Once you have joined the group, you can adjust your settings to receive email updates, no email, display name, etc. Instructions on how to adjust your settings can be found here: Instructions for Adjusting Settings & Email Notifications

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