What is Auditor by Securly?

1 min. readlast update: 02.12.2024

YPS Information Technology has integrated Auditor into our email and Google Apps infrastructure to enhance our student safety protection protocols and be proactive in times of need. When a potential disturbing message, threat, or post occurs, our systems will alert Administrators and IT Personnel in real-time. This allows us to be proactive in identifying and/or dealing with potential bullying and self-harm situations. Auditor uses Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence algorithms to infer the sentiment behind e-mails. This allows us to distinguish ”This is an ugly sweater" from "You are ugly”. Most filtering solutions rely on keywords such as “ugly” and “hate” etc, and are thus prone to false alarms - and thereby require human audits. For more information on Auditor, please watch the video below or speak with a member of the YPS Information Technology team...

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