Tips for Large Software Downloads

2 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

When downloading big files there are several things you should keep in mind to be sure your download will complete successfully.

General tips

             Check the file size to make sure you have enough space on your computer to download it.

             Be sure you have the time to download the file. Very large files can take hours to download, especially if your download speed is slow. If you have to stop your download because you need to leave, you will have to start over next time.

             Download from on campus when possible. Bandwidth speeds are higher.

             Avoid using the VPN unless you have to. That's one more system your download has to go through before it gets to you.

             If you do download from your personal network at home, the large download will be charged against any data limits and the fees will be charged to your personal account.

             Be sure you know where you're saving the file. Very large files may take hours to download, so note where you chose to save the file in case you forget by the time it arrives.

Laptop tips

             If possible, use wired networking instead of wireless. Wireless networks are generally much slower and can drop out more easily causing your download to fail.

             Don't shut the lid! This usually sends your laptop into suspend or sleep mode, and that will cause your download to fail.

             Don't rely on batter power; make sure it's plugged in. Downloading large files is highly energy consuming as your hard drive and fan are working hard to save that data and keep your machine from overheating. If your computer's battery runs out, your download will fail.

             Check your power saver settings to be sure it will not go into suspend or sleep mode. These can cause your download to fail.

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