School Admin: How do I manage Badges as School Tech Lead?

2 min. readlast update: 02.12.2024

What are Clever Badges? Clever Badges are an easier way for the youngest students to access their apps. School Tech Leads can print Badges for whole schools or classes, as long as Badges have been enabled by a district admin. For more information about enabling Badges for your district, please see this Help Center article. How do Clever Badges work? Students navigate to and click “Allow” in the browser prompt to give Clever access to their camera.. The webcam will activate and students should hold up their Badge to the camera. Once the code is scanned the screen border will flash green.. Students will then be redirected to their Clever dashboard... How do I generate Badges from my Portal? 1. From your Clever Portal, navigate to your Dashboard. 2. Once in the Dashboard, choose "Settings" and then "Badge Settings". 3. In the "Distribution" tab, you will have two options to generate Badges. Whenever a new student joins your school (within the configured grade range for Badges), you can click “New” to generate Badges for only those new students at the school. Or, you can select "All" to generate badges to all the students at your school. Clicking “All” won't void any existing Badges. It will simply regenerate any existing badges as well as create new badges for any students that did not yet have one.. 4. Once you select an option, the Badges will immediately start downloading, to a zip file with PDFs of the Badges. You will have the option to either print by grade level or by section..

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