Q: How do open transfers affect transportation of a child with a disability?

1 min. readlast update: 02.12.2024

A: Open transfers shall be awarded by the receiving school district in a nondiscriminatory manner; however, under local district open transfer policy, the LEA may decline a transfer request for a student on an IEP based on staffing, certain budgetary constraints, and availability of specific programs. If a school district approves an open transfer for a student with a disability, the receiving school district can report that child on their child count, receiving all State and federal funds allocated for that child. The receiving district will be responsible for all education and related services provided for in the IEP, including transportation. If the IEP already provides for transportation as a related service, the receiving school district will be obligated to provide that service unless the IEP is modified prior to the approval of the open transfer.

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