How do I update my technology accounts to reflect my new name after it has changed?

2 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

To update your first or last name on any offical employee records or any technology accounts, including email and display names, you must bring an updated Social Security Card to the Human Resources Department located in the YPS Administration Building at 600 Maple Street.

All Employees

When you update your name with the Human Resource Department, the following technology accounts will also be updated within 24 hours automatically:

1.          YPS Email Account & Display Name

a.          You will keep the same password already on file and your former email address will now be an alias and all email sent to your updated email and old email will come to your updated account.

2.          YPS Network Account Display Name

a.          Your actual network username will remain the same to keep the integrity of your network account. However, the display name associated with the account will be updated to reflect your updated information.

3.          YPS Contact Information in iVision Employee Self-Service Portal

4.          YPS Contact Information in our SchoolMessenger Communicate System. 

Certified Teachers & Administrators

In addition to the steps above, if you are a teacher or administrator, your PowerTeacher/PowerSchool display name will not automatically be updated on your class roster, in PowerSchool, or in your grade book. Your name must match what is on your teaching certificate with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OK SDE) in our Student Information System. When you have updated your teaching certificate with the OK SDE you may turn a copy of it in to the Human Resources Department who will notify YPS Information Technology of the update and update your accounts in PowerSchool accordingly. 

Please note that regardless of any name change your actual YPS Network Username that is used to logon to district computers will not change. To ensure the integrity of your network accounts, this username will always remain the same as it is created upon initial hiring with Yukon Public Schools

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