How do I reset a student's password in Clever?

2 min. readlast update: 02.12.2024

How do I reset a student's password? Yukon Public Schools uses internal identity providers to sync data with Clever. Because of this Clever never has access to students’ actual passwords in these instances. If a student is having issues and needs to log in immediately, you can assist by generating a one time Backup Code for the student - see below! Please ensure to open a support ticket with the YPS IT Service Desk to resolve the original logon issue when you are able to. How do I generate a Login Backup Code? If a student is having trouble logging into Clever, their teachers can help them log in by generating a one-time-use backup code. 1. Log into your Clever Portal and click “Help a Student”. 2. Choose the student you wish to help from the dropdown menu.. 3. You will see a six-digit backup code. Write this code down and pass it along securely to your student. The code will expire in 20 minutes.. The student will then take these steps: 1. The student will go to your district's Clever Portal login page and click “Get help signing in!” under the password field. 2. The student will then click “Log in with a Backup Code.”

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