Generating a Custom Report in PermissionClick

1 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

Generating a Custom Report

Generating a custom report to check the status and responses of a form you have submitted to parent/guardians.

1. Logon to your Permission Click account before proceeding with step 2 by visiting

2. Click on Forms

3. Click on the form you wish to view permissions/status of. (example: Habibnia/Myers ES - PPAT Assessment Permission Form for Students Under 18)

4. Click on Actions & Reports

5. Click on Custom Spreadsheet

6. Here you are presented several filter options based on your role and level of access. For most forms, you can simply scroll down and Click on Submit.

7. Click on OK, a copy of your form will be sent to your email address once it has finished processing.


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